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Well, 2017 is shaping up to be a year of happy changes!

The TBL blog has been a little quiet of late and I promise I have a good reason!

Seeing as we haven’t spoken for over a month, I thought a good old catch-up was in order to set the balance and bring you up to speed with where we’re at!

We bought a house! That seems like it came out of nowhere, hey? Honestly, while it was always the game plan upon moving back to Victoria at the end of last year, Beau and I had not imagined even looking at houses until the end of this year. Out of the blue, a workmate of Beau’s let wind that he was going to get rid of his little cottage. Two months later, we’ve moved in!
While the house may have seen some better days, it has character and with lots of love we’ll make it shine again.
I promise to do a whole other post about it soon, but for now I’m just celebrating and letting you know that you can expect a lot more interiors posts on TBL!

Now that I’ve been spending a lot of time painting walls and moving furniture, I’ve been needing something to keep me entertained that’s hands-free. I’m back in love with podcasts in other words! They’re simple and don’t require too much attention. They allow me to just listen away while I slap on a second layer of Dulux Natural White on the walls and cry a little when it gets on my jeans (I’m still learning about this house DIY, guys). Some of my go-tos of late are The Melissa Ambrosini Show (for my self-help and motivation fix), Russell Brand’s Under The Skin (for my intellectual/political fix) and Lore (for my spooky story/history fix). Another show which Beau introduced me to recently is called Friends of the Void. It’s a storytelling podcast (something new to me) that’s a spooky mystery. It’s a bit weird but executed brilliantly with some killer writing behind it. It’s got me hooked but I try not put it on when I’m alone – I was convinced my new house was haunted for the first week!

I have got the Autumnal vibes pumping at 100% now that we’re into May. Our little house is on a quiet tree-lined street and they’re starting to change hue and drop their leaves which makes me super excited for scarves and coats! I’ve also had my first hot chocolate of the season (shockingly late) thanks to a sweet gift from my Mum and sis. I even went out into the yard yesterday and picked a bunch of flowers. I say flowers, but they’re really just foliage with some native berries thrown in. Nonetheless, they resulted in a perfect Autumn theme and are sitting pride of place on my dresser.

I will be keeping you much more informed on the general goings on of TBL life on here. Once we get settled and our furniture begins to find permanent homes, I’ll be bringing you much more content that I’m excited to share with you! Think more recipes, home styling and makeup tutorials (I know, you said you wanted more!). Just give me a couple more weeks to sort out the kinks and find my favourite filming spot. Then I’ll be set to roll!

How are you embracing the change of season?


Rachel Hodgens

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