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Things are taking shape in the new TBL abode.

I feel like my days are going by so fast recently that I don’t even know what’s going on half the time but hopefully things will start to settle down and I’ll find my rhythm and groove again. With that in mind, here are the tidbits and good vibes I wanted to share with you all.


I’ve got my teapots out. How much more nanna can I get? As it happens, it’s all thanks to a visit from by beautiful nan, Bettsy, who believes you can only drink tea from a pot. And you should have at least two cups per sitting. Knowing that Bettsy and her husband Geoff were on their way to see my new house, I knew I had to unpack my teapots quick smart. Ever since her visit, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the process of making a pot of tea, letting it brew and then pouring a cup. And she’s right, it does taste better.


We bought chairs for our front porch. Just in case I’m not quite sounding like a retiree yet, Beau and I went out and found ourselves some seats so that we can enjoy our morning coffee outside. From the moment I walked through the house, I had the front porch picked as my ‘cuppa spot’ – so I’ve been super happy to have a seat there to get comfy and look smugly over my domain. We bought ours here.


I finally did something that I’ve said I was going to do for about two years – I went and bought meat from a butcher. Yes, I’m aware that it shouldn’t be a big deal but I’m a creature of habit and tend to stick with what I know. And so, I’ve been buying supermarket meat my whole adult life. But this week I waltzed into the closest butcher and asked for my staples. And oh my god it was expensive! I know I need to expect that and that there’s a very good reason my supermarket meat is so much cheaper, but lordy. I definitely want to keep it up for my red meats at the very least. It’s true what they say; you vote with your dollar and I want my dollar going to locally sourced meats at the very least.


The painting is almost done in the house which means I can unpack most of our furniture. I’ve been excited to get our lounge room set up for a while now and it will be so nice to spend our evening not sitting on the floor. After a month of it, you aren’t so keen for Netflix anymore.


I’m feeling back to my old self again now that most of the hard work is done moving in. It’s been over a month since I even looked at my nails because they were just constantly damaged from cleaning and painting. This week I’ve gone all out with a pamper sesh on my skin, a hit of fake tan and my fave nail polish back on my (semi) healthy nails. It might sound a little vain but these are things that make me feel like me again and it feels good!

What are your go-tos to make you feel a million dollars?


Rachel Hodgens

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