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It’s been one of those excellent and hectic weeks.

This post is going up a little late but I had to put it up because I have some much news from over the last week! I wanted to make sure this is up there for posterity as much as anything.

The last seven days have flashed by as I tried to pack in as much work in before travelling to Sydney for a 24 hour trip. It’s been a special week and definitely one that I’ll remember for a long time.


I had my first skin consultation. I’ve struggled with the state of my skin for years now and, while I love makeup and am confident in who I am, it has been a source of discomfort for me. While I try not to think about it, my breakouts and scarring can leave me feeling insecure at times and I’ve been wanting to do something about it.

I finally booked in for skin consult at Jools For Jim and chatted with the beautiful Kate. She’s given me some great things to think about and some samples of some new skincare to try. I’m heading back in two weeks for a follow up consultation and we’ll go from there.

I’ll be sure to do a roundup of my experience once I start to see some results so keep an eye out!


Beau and I made the trip up to Sydney for the weekend with the sole purpose of seeing Fleet Foxes perform. This band is probably one of both of our all-time favourites and one that we listened to a lot when we first started dating. It’s been almost seven years since they released an album and we made a pact at that time to see them live if they come to Australia. Thankfully, they chose to premiere their upcoming album for the Vivid festival. Four shows at the Sydney Opera House and nowhere else in Australia. In other words, this has been a long time coming and nothing was going to stop us seeing them! My sister, Jess, Beau and I had brilliant seats and honestly, this band is probably the best thing I’ve ever experienced live. Musically, they were perfect. The show was seamless and they played some of our absolute favourites. Robin Pecknold made me cry, twice. Seriously, I one minute I was singing and the next there were tears running down my face.

This was basically the highlight of my year.


While we were in Sydney, we thought we’d make the most of seeing the Vivid light festival that launched the night before we arrived. I’d never actually been to see any of it despite living in Sydney for a few years so it was great to be able to experience it! We waited to see the Opera House be lit up which was stunning, walked around Circular Quay and admired the Harbour Bridge and the Museum of Contemporary Art, then walked through the Royal Botanic Gardens to see the installations there. The city was packed with people but it was so pretty – The Opera House was my favourite. It was such a lovely experience and was so much fun to share it with my sis and Beau.


My house is starting to take shape and look more like ‘us’ now. And some of that has to do with the excessive greenery which is taking over. My collection of indoor plants is growing thanks to a massive donation from my Dad and step-mum. I’m yet to prove whether I have a green thumb yet, but for the time being my kitchen is lush and green.


Without wanting to toot my own horn, I received some very exciting news recently and really wanted to share it with you all! I have just been selected as one of Estee Lauder’s Residential Makeup Artists!

What does that mean? If you’re based in Victoria, you may see me at events. Even better, if you live in regional Victoria, I’ll probably be planning your makeup events! I’m so flipping excited and honored to be given such an incredible role and opportunity and can’t wait to bring lots of makeup to your world on behalf of Estee Lauder!

Disclaimer: my role at Estee Lauder is outside of The Beauty List. This blog is not specifically affiliated with any brand, including Lauder. However, given that I’m surrounded by their products half of the time and love lots of them, they will likely pop up on the reg on this blog.

What a week!

What’s going on in your world? Did you take it slow and chilled or were you rocketing through and kicking goals? Both sounds awesome!


Rachel Hodgens

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