Shifting focus, Letting go


I’ve been wrestling with something lately and I think it’s time to share with the tribe.

I feel as though The Beauty List isn’t truly reflecting me right now. I’m still as obsessed with beauty, makeup and beautiful things, but I’m on a bit of a ‘holistic’ journey – as wanky as that sounds – and don’t feel as though I’ve even been sharing half of it.

While some if it may be down to how I imagine outsider’s expectations, I’ve been largely struggling with the fact that some of the things I want to share and explore don’t fit with the whole ‘aesthetic’ of the TBL blog. And so, this week (today in fact), I came to the decision that I need to get over that.

I don’t want to be confined and restricted to an aesthetic that doesn’t wholly represent the ‘me’ that I am on a day-to-day basis. I am on a journey (right at the start of one, in fact) and it’s time that I embrace that fact and allow myself to share it openly.

If I’m completely honest, I have felt caught between two worlds these last few months. I told myself I couldn’t be blogging about ‘natural skincare’ and toxin free makeup while still gushing over ‘mainstream’ products and releases. And if I did choose to opt for the ‘natural’ route, then any delish baking recipes that I wanted to share with you needed to be ‘healthier’ and ‘sugar-free’ versions. If I was going to post health and wellness lifestyle content, then I had to be all or nothing. Whaatt?

That is not me.

And so …

I believe that I can look for natural, wholesome and holistic alternatives and still enjoy the best of ‘conventional’ products and practices. I think most people are open to organic, natural, even ‘alternate’ options when they’re not made to feel guilty about shopping in the Coles biscuit aisle and enjoying a Maccas drive-through. I don’t want to feel guilty for writing and sharing the best of both worlds as I learn, grow and discover more about each.

So, this is me giving myself permission and announcing to the world, that I both love meditation & mindfulness, manifesting and crystals, essential oils and toxin-free makeup AND baking a choccy pudding (my go-to), relishing in the latest MECCA launches and being able to represent a world renowned cosmetic company as one of their Makeup in Residence roles.

Let me share some of the things that have (truly) got me excited right now.

Growing from seed, propagation, plants, veggie patch

Beau and I have just finished planning, building and planting our first veggie patch and I am obsessed with going out and checking how much everything’s grown each day. I cannot wait to be able to go outside on a Summer evening and pick the food I want to cook with that night. No chemicals, no supermarket aisles. Just pure, organic, homegrown goodness. Couldn’t ask for anything better!

I have also been experimenting with essential oils and am completely obsessed. I use them in my skincare, my food, my cleaning and diffusing in my home. Each day I’m discovering a new use, a new blend or a new fact that I find absolutely fascinating. They have become a part of my everyday life in a way that I never expected. So much so that I’m now inspired to teach, share and sell them! This is a journey that I’m just starting on and I want to take you with me – right from the beginning! I’ve got butterflies just sitting here writing about it.

doTERRA essential oils

It’s just hit Spring where I live and with that, I’m feeling inspired to really get stuck into working on our new home. Over the next few weeks Beau and I are going to put in our outdoor seating area – where I foresee myself sitting, writing, eating and just generally ‘being’ for the next 6 months. It’s also about time we got stuck into painting inside again (that kind of came to a halt when Winter hit and it got too cold). Soon enough, everything will be painted white and I will be happy.

So, much of my ‘actual’ world is full to the brim of slightly less glamorous stuff. My mind is all about ‘outside’, ‘garden’, ‘oils’ and ‘renovating’.

I’m also trying to focus a little more on stillness, softness, and living with ease and grace.

As I write all of this I don’t feel as though I’m full of contradictions. I just feel like me – open and honest and free. I’m the girl who excitedly tells people about how Frankincense essential oil is completely changing my skin. I’m also the girl who is in heaven with some fish & chips on a Friday night and craves Doritos and mint slice biscuits when it’s ‘that time of the month’.

I see The Beauty List reflecting this as we move forward. I want you to learn the lessons I learn and to grow and discover more with me. I want to help you feel inspired to seek out more possibilities and more information in your own lives and to find your happy medium. Because that’s the honest journey that I’ve found myself currently on.

I would love to know your opinion on this as well. Let’s have a conversation in the comments and tell me where you sit on the ‘holistic spectrum’ and what you would like to see on TBL in the future. I’m dying to hear from you.

With all my love and genuine excitement,


Rachel Hodgens


  1. Hayley

    Great post Rach, it’s totally fine to like all of those things and not fit into a mould. It’s so much more interesting that way!

    30 . 09 . 2017
    • Rachel Hodgens

      Yes! Let’s throw those preconceived ideas and expectations out the door! Thanks so much honey xo

      30 . 09 . 2017
  2. Ashlea Robinson

    Rach I think you just described me-Ha ha! I get so confused sometimes over whether I want to be Miss organic Or miss Mainstream-whether it be with food, beauty products-anything! after reading your very inspiring blog, its made me feel like its ok to be both and go with how you feel day by day. Thanks for sharing Rach!

    14 . 10 . 2017
    • Rachel Hodgens

      Thanks so much Ash! I’ve honestly found that once I started letting go of the different expectations etc. I’m finding my way so much easier. And life is just better when you’re not caught up with being different ‘people’. Do what feels right and makes you happy! 💓 xx

      15 . 10 . 2017

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