The Key to Making Heart-Centred Decisions

There are two simple words which affect every decision I make.
I wanted to share something with you that I’ve been consciously working on for a little while and am finding that it’s having a really beautiful effect on how I live my life.

Any time I’m faced with a decision, I now ask myself does this make me feel expansive or contract?

Every action we take is either aligned with our Truth or it’s not. But all too often we’re jumping in and committing to things that don’t reflect our true desires. I am a first-class Yes-Girl. I’ve been raised to see the value in appeasing and accommodating others – which is beautiful, don’t get me wrong! But it also leads to people pleasing, over-committing and finding myself in situations which I know just ‘aren’t me’.

When you aren’t living and acting in alignment with your Truth (aka. What is most important to you = your values) then your life can become loose at the seams. This internal unease always finds a way to reveal itself and the imbalance affects other areas such as your health, relationships, career, finances, etc.

The moment you start acting in accordance with your Truth, life gets easier.

You feel the flow, you discover all the potential that you have hidden away inside you, and you genuinely enjoy the life your living simply because you’re doing it in the way that feels right for you.

So, how do we start living and acting more in our Truth?

It comes back to those words: expand and contact.

These two words tell me instantly whether a situation is ‘right’ for me or if it’s perhaps somebody else’s Truth.

When I’m presented with an opportunity that is 100% in alignment with what I want, where I’m heading and how I want to live – I can feel it. Personally, the sensation is as though my belly and chest are continuously expanding; like a bubble that keeps getting bigger and won’t pop. I feel excited, hopeful and tingly. I feel grateful for divine timing (because everything that’s meant to be for us happens at exactly the right time). I feel fully present and stand tall in the body I live in and can’t help but wear a smile on my face.

Now, let me share with you what it feels like when I choose something out of fear, rather than Truth.

There have been occasions in the past where I’ve been presented with an opportunity that has not been ‘what I wanted’ but, being the people-pleaser that I am, I’ve found myself going along with it. During these moments there were two completely separate reactions going on inside of me. The first was that my stomach would immediately tie itself in a knot and stay there. The second was that my mouth would begin gushing out words of thanks and excitement.

Why on earth would I jump up and down with excitement for something when deep down it gave me a belly ache?!

The answer is simple: I was scared to say no. (I still struggle with it, really.) I would worry that saying no might hurt the other person’s feelings, or that they might never come to me with an opportunity again. I was afraid that they might judge me for throwing away something good, or that I was a cop-out. I feared that others would see a ‘no’ as a reflection on my strength of character – and not in a good way!

It’s only now that I can see the patterns for what they were, but at the time I didn’t realise that each ‘yes’ was coming out of fear.

These days, however, I’ve gotten a little tired of living with a knot in my tummy.

I feel inspired, creative, purposeful and most happy when I’m digging deeper, listening to my body’s intuitive reactions and following that as my guide.

So, next time you’re sitting with a choice, try reaching inward and listening to what your body’s communicating to you. Does that situation make you feel expansive or contract, big or small, grow or shrink, inward or outward? Is your energy shrinking inside you or is it bursting to get out into the world?

I believe our decisions ought to be receiving a ‘hell-freaking-yeah’ in response or else they’re not lighting us up enough.

You, my gorgeous friend, are here on this earth to enjoy yourself and make an impact.

So reach inside, find where your Truth lies, and do more of that.

Goodluck beautiful,

Image Credit: The Little Posy Co.


Rachel Hodgens

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