The Beauty List is about finding balance in the pleasures of life.

This is a place for those who wish to make an impact each day and be in love with their lives, careers and homes.

This is for the people who want to feel inspired to be their best self and not feel guilty for indulging in French fries and a makeup splurge every now and then.

You can find happiness when you find your blissful blend of extravagance and simplicity, of healthy foods and burgers, of natural and commercial and of luxury and homely comforts.

From homes and interiors, food and style, makeup and skincare, and growth and happiness; TBL is a corner of the Internet that embraces the duality of our world and has fun with it.

Whether it’s soulful sister chats or the latest product drop at MAC Cosmetics, a nutritious recipe or a good donut with coffee; we each deserve to discover our perfect mix for happiness.

◊ ◊ ◊

Founder and editor of The Beauty List, Rachel Hodgens, started her journey as a university student discovering that literature just didn’t set her soul on fire. She followed her heart and moved from rural Victoria to Sydney to study specialist makeup. The Beauty List was born as a side project and has gained a steady following of luxe-and-comfort lovers since its launch in 2013. 

Since pursuing her dream, Rachel has worked on high-profile industry events including Schwarzkopf Hair Expo, MYER Runway Weekend, and numerous studio/ fashion shoots, with a feature in The Collective magazine.

In addition to curating and creating for TBL, Rachel is a Makeup in Residence for Estée Lauder and freelance content creator. 

When she’s not busy working out of her home base in Bendigo, she can be found sipping coffee, ‘window-shopping’ online and wishing it was Christmas.